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'Sage' - abstract ceramic sculpture 'Caldera' - abstract ceramic sculpture 'Red Cedar - abstract ceramic sculpture
'Medicine Smoke' - abstract ceramic sculpture 'Wild Flower' - abstract ceramic sculpture 'Dark Eagle Rising' - abstract ceramic sculpture 'Basalt' -  abstract ceramic sculpture
'New Rope' - realistic charcoal drawing 'Sunday Silver' - realistic charcoal drawing 'Autumn's Edge' - realistic charcoal drawing 'Waiting for Angels' - realistic charcoal drawing
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'Drifters' - charcoal drawing TIME

How long does it take to do drawings of this nature?
To do drawings of this detail and polish takes an immense amount of time. The time involved ranges between 100 to 400 hours to complete, with 250 hours being typical.


What materials do you use to do your drawings?
I use a combination of charcoal (carbon) pencils to do the drawings in order to get the desired effects as shown. The support paper on which I draw is 100% cotton, acid-free, cold-white drawing/print paper.

Is the paper used for the art prints acid-free?
Yes. The paper used is 100% cotton acid-free, cold-white, and heavily-sized print paper. The ink used was Process Black.


Do the drawings come framed?
Yes. All the drawings (not prints) come framed. Although a select few are custom framed, most are framed simply, that is, with black glossy metal frames, triple matting and plexiglass for shipping.

NOTE:   All prices marked with an asterisk(*) as shown on the Drawing Price Index are custom framed.

Can I get any drawing custom framed?
Yes. The price of custom framing is substantially more, approximately in the $400 - $800 range. Please call for exact pricing.

Is it possible to get the drawings without framing?
Yes, except for drawings that are custom framed. The price of the drawing will be reduced to reflect the cost of the simple framing described above (approximately $100 - $150).

Would you frame simply or custom frame the art prints that are available?
Yes. The price of the art prints shown on the Drawing Price Index are for unframed prints shipped in a tube. As described above, we will frame the art prints simply for an additional $100 - $150 (shipping costs will be proportionately more). If, however, you would like to have any of the prints custom framed, the price will be hundreds of dollars more; probably in the $400 - $800 price range. Please call for exact pricing.

Are all the framing materials used for custom framing acid-free?

Are all the framing materials used for your simple framing acid-free?
Effectively, yes. The foam core backing of the simply framed drawing and art prints is not acid-free. However, an acid-free backing paper is used between the drawing/print and the foam core to protect the drawing or print. The triple matting used is black core mat with acid-free backing paper and acid-free black core.


What carrier do you use to ship the pieces?
I ship using both FedEx Ground and FedEx Express (air), depending on the client's needs.

Does the price of the piece include the shipping and handling costs?
No. The price of the piece excludes handling, shipping and insurance.


What if the drawing doesn't "work" for me when I get it home?
We have a five day trial period after you have received the piece for you to have peace of mind with your purchase. If on the fifth day you feel that you need to return the drawing, call or e-mail that you would like to return the piece. This return policy, however, does not apply to works that are commissioned.

What sort of refund do I get if I feel that I must send the piece back?
We will refund your money minus any shipping and transaction fees and special framing orders incurred from the sale.
Please NOTE:   If there is any damage to the framing or to the drawing itself while it is in your care, you will be refunded your monies minus the cost incurred to put the whole item back into its original salable condition.


Do you accept commissions?

What is involved should I want you to do a commission for me?
There are many things to discuss before we could settle on doing a commission. Things to discuss would include subject matter, size of the drawing, when you would require the commission to be finished, and framing, just to name a few points to consider.

How long would I have to wait to get a commissioned drawing?
Because other work has to be done in addition to commissions, one would have to expect to wait about 6 months or more before receiving their drawing. So, then, we would both have to plan ahead.

What sort of funding do you require to have a commission done?
A deposit of 50% of the estimated final price of the drawing (excluding shipping and crating) would be required up front.

When the drawing is half done, the remainder of the cost will be required to finish the work. The "remainder" of the price will reflect how much time is estimated to finish the drawing, because the initial "50%" was also just an educated estimate.

If the remaining time needed to finish the work is less than the second estimate, the final payment will be adjusted down, i.e., refunded. If, however, the drawing actually takes longer than estimated, more payment will be required when the drawing is finished - but not more than 10% of the total actually paid by the client. As noted above, shipping and crating are extra.

For example:   If the original total was estimated to be $3,000, the first deposit would be $1,500 (50% of total estimate). If the time and materials cost to actually finish the piece came to more than $1,500, the final payment would not be more than $1,800, i.e., $1,500 plus 10% of the $3,000 original total cost estimate. However, as noted above, shipping and crating is an extra cost above the total example of $3,300.

Please NOTE:   Any monies deposited are not refundable because the time involved is extremely high for this caliber of drawing.


What sort of payment do you accept?
We prefer that Pay-Pal be used. However, money orders, cashier checks and personal checks are also accepted. When using these alternatives, bank clearance will be necessary before any artwork can be shipped.

Can I use Pay-Pal as payment for commissioned work?
Yes. Although special web arrangements must be made, that is something easily done without any special involvement by the patron.

Would you accept an installment payment plan?
Yes. Of course, special arrangements would have to be made.


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